Unique Latest Floral Lace Pierced Shirt

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S:lenght: 76CM(29.92") bust: 97CM(31.19") shoulder: 40CM(15.75") sleeve length : 16CM(6.3") cuff: 15.5CM(6.10") biceps: 16CM(6.3") neck: 38CM(14.96")

M:lenght: 78CM(30.71") bust: 100CM(39.37") shoulder: 41CM(16.14") sleeve length : 16.5CM(6.5") cuff: 16.5CM(6.5) biceps: 17CM(6.69") neck: 39CM(15.35")

L:lenght: 80CM(31.5") bust: 103CM(40.55") shoulder: 42CM(16.54") sleeve length : 17CM(6.69") cuff: 17.5CM(6.89") biceps: 18CM(7.09") neck: 40CM(15.75")

XL:lenght: 82CM(32.28") bust: 106CM(41.73") shoulder: 43CM(16.93") sleeve length : 17.5CM(6.89") cuff: 18.5CM(7.28") biceps: 19CM(7.48") neck: 41CM(16.14")


S:lenght: 65CM(25.59") bust: 88CM(34.65") shoulder: 37CM(14.57") sleeve length : 62CM(24.41")

M:lenght: 66CM(25.98") bust: 92CM(36.22") shoulder: 38CM(14.96") sleeve length : 63CM(24.8")

L:lenght: 66CM(25.98") bust: 96CM(37.8") shoulder: 39CM(15.35") sleeve length : 63CM(24.8")

XL:lenght: 66CM(25.98") bust: 100CM(39.37") shoulder: 40CM(15.75") sleeve length : 63CM(24.8")

Fashion: Commuting

Collar: square neck

Denim has become the darling of the New world, have a spring and summer New personality New denim shirt is embodied;
This paragraph denim shirt, comfortable and stylish version of type, using Individualized frayed washing, adding shoulder hollow design, highlighting the youth New.
Simple New, clothes design adds personality New sense, summer heat atmosphere, relaxed and comfortable with high-quality fabrics, soft and breathable.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Unique Latest Floral Lace Pierced Shirt is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 04, 2020
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